Sri Ramacharan Charitable Trust® (SRCT) was started in 1999 with the sole purpose of providing quality education to under privileged children.
In 2004 SRCT with the help of Child Vikas International (CVI), we established the first Montessori classroom for Kindergarten students in Chennai Corporation School, V.P.Koil Street, Mylapore. SRCT has since successfully established the Montessori Method in 58 Corporation School units and Balwadis across several centers in Chennai. Since the inception of the trust 15 years ago, CVI has continued to support our Trust whole heartedly.
We are proud to say that this is the first time anyone, anywhere in the world has taken the Montessori Method to under privileged children proving wrong the popular misconception that the Montessori Method is suitable only for the elite. After observing significant changes this method has on children in terms of giving them high self-esteem and self confidence and imbibing in them values such as cleanliness, hygiene and compassion, the Corporation of Chennai on its own decided to adopt this method in all its schools at the kindergarten level in the year 2007. We truly believe that this is  a milestone achievement of the continuous and committed efforts of our Trust.
“MAKING A SOCIAL IMPACT” – A short video of our first Montessori Project.

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