About Us

  • Founded in 1999 by a group of like minded friends
  • Our office bearers are the women behind renowned NGO Vishranthi
  • All our trustees volunteered to be here
  • Minimum administrative costs / salaries received from Trust Funds
  • Optimum utilization of donations for projects

Our Vision

To bring about a Social change through quality primary education.

Our Mission

To ensure not just the provision of academic skills, but also create a benchmark in line with the Montessori Philosophy in shaping the personality of children who come from harsh living environments.

Our Trustees

Our Journey

April 1999 – Project – Interest free loans for school fees and women run micro enterprises. Most of the borrowers availed loans to pay school fees for their children studying in private schools.

December 1999 – Started Tuition centers for students of class 6 at two private schools and one Corporation School. We were not satisfied with the exam oriented system of education A need to carry out a project connected with primary education for under privileged children and to focus on young children of an impressionable age was felt by the SRCT trustees. The Trustees thought that there was enormous scope to reach out to underprivileged children and make a significant contribution to the quality of education provided by the Corporation. SRCT wanted these children to be given proper education coupled with good self confidence and self esteem. The result was the introduction of the Montessori Method of Instruction. In the year 2004 encouraged by Child Vikas International (CVI), USA, our Trust shifted focus to cater to the educational needs of Elementary Schools of Chennai Corporation. We started Two Montessori Centers for Kindergarten at Corporation Primary School, V.P.Koil St, Mylapore in 2005 and the very next year we started 2 Montessori centers at Corporation Primary School, Kotturpuram followed by 8 Montessori centers at Saidapet Corporation School for Girls and 2 centres at Luz balwadi in the year 2007, on centre in Balwadi at Marundeeswarar and 4 centres in Balwadi attached to Corporation Girls school, Saidapet Cognizant Foundation has funded the cost of Montessori materials for 12 environments across 6 Corporation schools in the year 2013 and has extended support in funding the operational cost ie the salaries of the teacher coordinator ,helper and the monthly project expenses in the 6 Corporation Schools for a period of three years (2013-2016). Since 1999, Child Vikas International has been funding our projects that includes the Montessori project at Saidapet from 2007 to till date, and this year 2013-2014, they have provided Montessori material for 3 environments and the salaries of the teachers and helpers across 2 schools. We have since successfully established the Montessori Method in 38 environments across 12 centers (3 Balwadis and 9 Corporation Schools) in Chennai which has so far catered to 3100+ children. We can proudly say that this is the first time anyone, anywhere in the world has taken the Montessori Method to under privileged children proving wrong the popular misconception that the Montessori Method is suitable only for the elite. Realising the impact on children, Chennai Corporation decided to adopt the Montessori Method in all its 65 Primary Schools which had nursery classes.

Our experience

Quality primary education boosts the self esteem and self confidence of these children who will turn out to be disciplined, law abiding and responsible citizens. Good qualities are inculcated in the children and extended through them to their homes. Discernible transformation in children can be seen within a very short time Personal hygiene in the children and also in their families improved vastly. The compassion and dedication of our teachers who are all Montessori trained, proves to be a balm to these children who otherwise had to survive in a harsh environment. The values learnt under the Montessori Method get internalized because of the impressionable age of the child when these values are exposed and the nature of the system. Therefore the child exhibits the same values in other environments like home, neighborhood and society at large too.

Quality Education for the Under Privileged